Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Case For Hedo Turkoglu to the Heat

With Hedo Turkoglu making his case as the best player hitting free agency this summer, it begs the question, would the Orlando Magic actually let him walk in free agency? All season long the Magic has lived and died by shooting the three, and it got them all the way to the finals. However, those looks would not be there without the interior game of Dwight Howard. Howard has been a one man wrecking crew in the interior all year, but it appears that he has met his match in the front line of the Lakers. It has become clearer and clearer throughout the finals that Howard's post game needs a lot of work this summer. Send him to big man camp with Patrick Ewing and figure out a way to get the guy some moves.
One guy who already has all the moves is Turkoglu. The guy has showed throughout the season and the playoffs that he has the ability to create off the dribble and/or hit the spot up jumper. He has been their go to guy, their clutch ball handler, and their go to defender down the stretch the other night. It is this versatility that makes him a matchup nightmare for opposing squads, so why in the world would they let him go? Rashard Lewis, is the other forward in the lineup, and he is another player suited small forward. Lewis is a sweet shooting athlete who shies away from banging inside, which has not been an issue till the finals. The Magic are getting killed inside, cause there is no help for Howard. Would they be better served having Lewis on the perimeter and a true power forward next to Howard?
If that is the case, Riley needs to get on the horn and see about working a sign and trade deal giving up Udonis Haslem and change for Hedo Turkoglu. Turkoglu is 30 years old and started hitting his prime over the last 2 seasons. His versatile game would match up perfectly with Dwayne Wade, allowing the Heat with more opportunities to play Wade off of the ball and keep defenses honest, by giving the team another scorer. A frontcourt of Jermaine O'Neal, Michael Beasley, and Hedo Turkoglu looks great to me.
Will the Magic look at this seasons finals and realize that what they were missing was more help inside for Howard, or will they be content with the frontcourt that got them to the finals? If it comes down to a lack of size, then Riley needs to do his best to sign Turkoglu as a free agent or work a sign and trade deal for some more money, cause he would be a great addition to this lineup.

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