Wednesday, May 20, 2009


The Miami Herald is reporting that free agent point guard, Andre Miller, is interested in the Heat if he leaves Philadelphia. Miller is one of the most underrated point guards in the league, but that is probably because he his game is far from flashy. If you look at his career stats you will notice that he is consistently solid in a lot of areas, averaging 14.6ppg, 7.4apg, 4.2rpg, and 1.2spg. The guy knows how to fill up a stat sheet. If he signed with the Heat, he would provide leadership in the locker room, an efficient ballhandler, and better on ball defense than we had with Mario Chalmers. Miller can cover either guard position, which would allow Wade a rest at times on the court.
Still there is always a big question mark with Miller, which is his lack of three point shooting. This past season he connected on 15 total three pointers and the previous season only 3. We got better production from behind the arc over the last two seasons from our fourth string center Mark Blount. So for all of the positives that Miller brings to a team, does his inability to stretch a defense make him the wrong fit next to Dwayne Wade? Or will his ability to get the ball to Wade in his prefered spots make up for his weakness?
In my opinion Wade needs to be surrounded by players who can hit from behind the arc to allow him the chance to operate late in games without the fear of a double or triple team. You look at the shooters surrounding Lebron James and Kobe Bryant, and look how much more attention those guys take from the defense than the players around Wade this season. Too often in the playoffs Wade was forced to go 1 on 5, cause there was nobody else with the ability to put pressure on the other team. While Miller is a steady player, he is not the right fit next to Wade. I would rather see fellow free agent Mike Bibby in a Heat uniform keeping defenses honest.

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