Thursday, April 2, 2009


Well this is not the kind of aggressiveness that I had in mind when talking about Mario Chalmers yesterday, but that is the kind of aggressiveness we ended up with and it lost us the game. With roughly 7 seconds left, the ball in Chalmers hands, and the whole stadium thinking that the Heat would call a timeout, Coach Spoelstra opted to go for the win on the run. This was a bold call by a rookie coach looking for a big win for his young team, but it just was not the right call at the time. When you have Dwayne Wade on your team with the time running down you need to do anything in your power to get the ball in his hands and last night that meant calling a timeout. Chalmers did the right thing by trying to get to the hoop, but he is just not used to moments as big as last night, and his enthusiasm got the best of him. Who knows what would have happened had Spoelstra called a timeout, but it was the move we had to make.

With last nights loss the Heat falls a percentage point behind the Philadelphia 76ers for 5th place with 7 games left to play. This gives the team no chance to get any rest for Wade, as each win is a must. 4 games on the road, which does not bode well for a team that has struggled all season away from home. There are no easy games down the stretch, as all but one of these teams is fighting for their own playoff lives or a better seed. The Heat have a day off before they get back to back road games at Charlotte and Washington. It would be huge if they could turn around their fortunes and get 2 wins on the road.

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